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Soapers Choice

Cocoa Butter from Soapers Choice

Cocoa Butter

For soapmaking, we recommend cocoa butter. Cocoa Butter is a special conditioning oil that adds a good lather while making a hard bar of soap.

In the last decade, cocoa butter has become widely accepted as a beneficial skin care ingredient. The butter is is extracted directly from cocoa beans as a yellowish fatty acid .

Cocoa butter is a natural antioxidant that clears and smoothes the skin. It is frequently used for treating dry skin and stretch marks. Cocoa butter is a natural source of vitamin E as well as a benificial treatment for chapped hands, feet, lips, pregnant skin and other skin irritations.

Cocoa butter contains no petroleum, preservatives or harsh chemicals. It is grown mostly in Ghana and is from the Theobroma cacao tree.

Cocoa butter is is a delicious and nourishing butter that will keep skin extremely supple, moisturized and revitalized thus cocoa Butter is a great ingredient for soap making.

Cocoa Butter

Cocoa Butter

  • Cocoa Butter is obtained from cocoa beans, used as an emollient. Used in suntan lotions as well as the manufacture of chocolate.
  • Cocoa Butter is the naturally occurring fat in cacao beans, essential in the making of good chocolate. The bean contains approximately 50% cacao butter.
  • Cocoa Butter is the whitish yellow fat extracted from cocoa beans during the manufacture of chocolate and then added back at a later stage.
  • Cocoa Butter is mainly used is a thickening agent and is a common ingredient in lipsticks, soaps and emollient creams. It easily absorbs into the skin and imparts sheen.
  • Cocoa Butter is the fat pressed from the cocoa bean. Benefits: Softens and lubricates the skin.
  • Cocoa Butter is the natural, cream-colored vegetable fat extracted during the process of making chocolate and cocoa powder.
  • Cocoa butter is a complex, hard fat made up mostly of triglycerides, it remains firm at room temperature, then it contracts as it cools and solidifies. It is ideal for molding.
  • Cocoa Butter is used as a stabilizer and thickener.
  • Cocoa Butter is the fat pressed out of pure Cacao paste. The paste is 54% fat.
  • Cocoa Butter is has a melting point at human body temperature, is edible and nutritious which presents many industrial uses.
  • Cocoa Butter is added to pure Cacao Paste to create bar Chocolate.
  • Cocoa Butter is a superb moisturizer which slows down moisture loss.
  • Cocoa Butter is is known for its hydrating effects, Cocoa Butter is also gentle on the skin and has a pleasing aroma.
  • Cocoa Butter is excellent when used on dry skin or on wrinkles.
  • Cocoa Butter's Emollient properties great in soap making and lotions.
  • Cocoa Butter is hard at room temperature.
  • Cocoa Butter is the fat expelled from the cocoa bean.
  • Cocoa Butter is mainly used is a thickening agent and is a common ingredient in lipsticks, soaps and emollient creams.
  • Cocoa Butter is easily absorbs into the skin and imparts sheen.
  • Cocoa Butter is the fat yielded after the processing of cocoa mass.
  • Cocoa Butter (Theobroma cacao) is a pale yellow fat obtained from dried and naturally fermented cocoa beans. The beans grow on a small, spreading, evergreen tree which grows up to 8 m (26 feet) tall. Originally from the South and Central American rain forests, it is now cultivated principally in Ghana, Nigeria, and Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast). Fifty to sixty percent of the cocoa bean consists of cocoa butter, which is used as a base for chocolate manufacture. The residue, after extraction of the butter, is used to make cocoa powder. In cosmetics, it is used as an ointment base, emollient, skin softener and protectant. It is moisturizing; it lays down a protective layer that holds moisture to the skin making it a good skin softener. It has a slight scent of chocolate.
  • Cocoa Butter is a yellow-white fat from cocoa beans
  • Cocoa Butter is vegetable fat from the cacao that is extracted from chocolate liquor; the basis for white chocolate.

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