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Soapers Choice

Jojoba Oil from Soapers Choice

Jojoba Oil

For soapmaking, we recommend jojoba oil. Over time the use of Jojoba oil significantly changes the appearance of pore size and moisturizes the skin. It also makes a great makeup base. Jojoba oil has some amazing properties since it is suitable for all skin types and penetrates the skin readily and for this reason is frequently used in skincare and cosmetic products.

Jojoba - the miracle oil for softening the skin is used to promote a softer more supple skin, while being non-greasy. Jojoba oil is easily absorbed by the skin and is great to promote a silky smooth skin. Jojoba oil will help to nourish the skin and prevent dryness. A fine penetrating odourless oil which has the consistency of a liquid wax.

Jojoba Oil is stable and long lasting. It is a good conditioner for all skin types, especially mature skins. Jojoba is also effective for dryness and dandruf and can be massaged on its own into the hair and scalp. The best choice to use as a perfume base because it is the least greasy of the carrier oils.

More about Jojoba

In reality Jojoba oil is not an oil but a liquid wax, and is pronounced "ho-ho-ba", and only became important in the 1970s when whaling was banned, since Jojoba oil has almost the same properties as the oil obtained from the sperm whale.

Since Jojoba oil is composed of wax esters, it is an extremely stable substance and does not easily deteriorate.

Analysis of jojoba oil

JojobaThe structure of jojoba oil closely resembles that of your own skin sebum, and because of this it has a natural affinity to the skin, and is readily absorbed without making the skin feel greasy or tacky nor does it clog the pores and helps to balance the production of sebum - your skin's own lubricating medium.A typical chemical analysis of jojoba oil includes palmitic, palmitoleic, stearic, oleic, linoleic, linolenic, and arachidic, eicosenoic, behenic, and erucic and lignoceric fatty acids. It contains myristic acid which also has an anti-inflammatory action.Jojoba oil has the ability to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, promoting skin suppleness while assisting with the rejuvenation of the skin and forms a non-greasy, non-tacky layer with exceptional trans-epidermal water control.

Jojoba oil is well tolerated by people with skin problems and does not aggravate acne, and also helps to break down sebum in plugged-up pores.

Dermatological tests on jojoba oil

In dermatological tests done, using jojoba oil, by Christensen and Packman, it was shown that jojoba oil increases the skin's suppleness by 45% and after 8 hours the effect was still present.It was also found that jojoba oil softens and smoothes the skin with fine line reduction. In one test 20 women's skin compliance increased with 37% after 30 minutes and remained for a hour.Continued use of jojoba oil results in reducing superficial facial lines.

Reduction of such lines was 26%, 18% and 11% after 1, 4 and 8 hours in conducted tests. Jojoba oil was also tested for hypoallergenic reactions.Two out of 50 people with known allergic skin types showed reactions to Jojoba. This reaction on the inherently hyper-allergic skins cleared completely after 24 hours.Tests at Michigan University showed that five of the most common skin bacteria plus certain skin fungi couldn't survive in jojoba oil.Professor Zille of Port Elizabeth University carried out studies on the anti-bacterial effects of jojoba oil and the results were presented at a Coshem Congress held in Mintek, which found that jojoba oil destroys the bacteria staphylococcus and pseudomonas within 1 hour and 15 minutes.Studies on jojoba oil at the Ben Gurion University in Israel have shown that jojoba oil relieves the symptoms of psoriases.

So, not only does jojoba oil have amazing emollient and lubricating properties, but also include a range of therapeutic qualities as well.



  • Jojoba is a natural, very valuable wax. Since it is liquid it is often also called Jojoba oil.
  • Jojoba is widely used in different personal care and cosmetic products helping to treat dry skin.
  • Jojoba soothes and helps to remove wrinkles and stretch marks.
  • Jojoba acts as a tonic, emollient and moisturizer.
  • Jojoba is a an evergreen desert shrub whose seeds contain an odorless, colorless, liquid wax used in cosmetics, lubricants, etc.
  • Jojoba is liquid wax highly penetrating and closely resembles human sebum.

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