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Soapers Choice

Palm Oil from Soapers Choice

Palm Oil

For soapmaking, we recommend palm oil.

Palm Oil

Palm Oil

  • Palm Oil is the reddish-orange oil extracted from the fruit of the African palm.
  • Palm Oil is high in saturated fat (78 percent) with a distinctive flavor popular in West African cooking.
  • Palm Oil is the reddish-orange oil derived from the pulp of the fruit of the African palm tree.
  • Palm Oil is contains a very high percentage of saturated fat.
  • Palm Oil is used with other oils in soap making. Pulls other oils into saponification and makes soaps less melting.
  • Palm Oil is from the fruit of a palm tree, (Elaeis guineensis), native to tropical West Africa and cultivated in Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, and tropical America as the source of palm oil. Growing to a height of 15 m, the palms produce fleshy fruits, 3 cm long, containing a white kernel within a hard black shell.
  • Palm oil is extracted from the pulp and kernel and used in making soaps, margarine, lubricants, etc. When used in soaps, palm oil creates a hard, long lasting bar of soap that is mild and cleanses well. Palm oil has similar characteristics to tallow in soaps, and has been used in soap-making since about 1850 when the quantity of available tallow was insufficient to meet the demand for soap.
  • Palm Oil is the oil from nuts of oil palms especially the African oil palm

Buy Palm Oil from Soaper's Choice

Palm Oil - refined, bleached and deodorized

Buy Refined, Bleached and Deodorized Palm Oil from Soaper's Choice

Palm Oil Homogenized, RBD, No Stir

Buy Homogenized RBD No Stir Palm Oil from Soaper's Choice

Palm Oil, Organic

Buy Organic Palm Oil from Soaper's Choice

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